Create an account and use Mangrove Games’ pledge manager

  • If the website is in French, you can click on the small English flag on he upper-right corner of the screen to change it to English.


  • On the right side of the screen is the “Register” part. Fill the fields and then click on the green “Register” button at the bottom to create an account on the pledge manager website.


  • Once your account is created, you can log in. Fill the fields and click on the green “Log in” button.


  • Choose Hollywood Death Race to manage your pledge. Please note that Hollywood Death Race, as well as the Legacy Pack addon include both English and French components, you do not have to choose your language.


  • You can add items with the “Add to Cart” buttons below them, DIG, DIG : Dragon ! And Planetopia are available on the Pledge Manager with a discount and in limited quantities. If you choose to add them to your pledge, your whole order will be send in one shipment in order to reduce the shipping fees.
If you click on the pictures a pop up window will open giving you all the details you need about the games displayed.


  • When you are happy with the content of your order, click on the green “Validate to go to the next step” button.


  • Fill now the fields with your personnal information. Please be extra careful when choosing your Country and your Phone prefix (flag). When everything is filled correctly, click on the green “Validate to go to the next step” button.


  • Carefully check all the information here before proceeding. Click on the green button on the right to proceed to payment if you need to pay something, or to validate your order if you don’t need to add any money.


  • Click on the blue “Pay with card” button at the bottom of the page. Fill the fields with your credit card information, then click on the blue “Pay” button. You are done! You can download your invoice on the “My orders” page. Please note that the invoice is only for the amount you paid on our website, the amount you paid through Kickstarter is deducted.


  • Important: If you need to change your delivery address, you can update it directly through the pledge manager, but you can’t change the country of delivery. As long as the pledge manager remains open, you can upgrade your pledge however removing items is not permitted once the payment is done!